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Re: Why is help so hard to find?

On Sat, 2011-01-15 at 01:09 -0800, Mike Bird wrote:
> On Sat January 15 2011 00:51:42 Neil Williams wrote:
> > Mike, you missed the sarcasm completely and just went on another
> > rant about two (unrelated) bugs which affect you directly. Guess what
> > - I don't give two flying figs about those two specific issues because
> > they don't affect me. I care about the underlying problem.
> We ran into those bugs while testing Squeeze and have for the most
> part worked around them.  We now know never to enable insserv.  We
> may even add some hacks to our systems to prevent sysv-rc from nagging
> us.  And we know to remove KDE 4 and install Trinity.

Sorry to de-lurk with a tangential question, but how can I as an
interested observer subscribe to the conversations where these decisions
get made, and contribute views *before* things get to this stage? I have
had the same frustrations as Mike and Roger with insserv, and although I
don't use KDE I have a third example of this problem, where a deeply
flawed "upgrade" broke several of my systems and the maintainers'
response was basically "too bad" (GRUB2).

Is there some forum in which the choice of a default for a package or
service gets made? I subscribe to debian-devel and debian-policy, but
neither seems to contain discussions about the risks of replacing
perfectly good defaults with significantly flawed ones.

On a completely separate note, where is the correct place to advertise
for a new sponsor? I have not heard from mine for nine months, and I
have a new version of my package and a new related package to upload.



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