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Re: Why is help so hard to find?

On la, 2011-01-15 at 10:10 +0000, Chris Carr wrote:
> Is there some forum in which the choice of a default for a package or
> service gets made? I subscribe to debian-devel and debian-policy, but
> neither seems to contain discussions about the risks of replacing
> perfectly good defaults with significantly flawed ones.

* debian-devel
* debian-project
* debian-policy
* debian-devel-announce
* debian-release
* debian-installer
* package-specific mailing lists, if any
* planet.debian.org

The lists are either @lists.debian.org or at @alioth.debian.org.
Additionally, you may subscribe to all bug discussion for specific
packages via packages.qa.debian.org or specific bugs via
bugs.debian.org. Also, some of the IRC channels mentioned in the Debian
Developers' Reference may be useful to follow, though the
signal-to-noise ratio varies much more on them than on lists.

Discussions tend to start with specific bugs, and get escalated to more
general lists if problems turn out to be severe enough, or affect many
packages. In order for discussions to start, it is necessary for people
who actually use Debian to participate by trying out the testing or
unstable distributions in their real environments (taking care to avoid
disruptions from inevitable breakage). It is not workable to assume all
Debian developers foresee everything, or to handle all situations
without any constructive feedback.

> On a completely separate note, where is the correct place to advertise
> for a new sponsor? I have not heard from mine for nine months, and I
> have a new version of my package and a new related package to upload.

debian-mentors, I believe.

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