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Re: Why is help so hard to find?

On Sat January 15 2011 00:51:42 Neil Williams wrote:
> Mike, you missed the sarcasm completely and just went on another
> rant about two (unrelated) bugs which affect you directly. Guess what
> - I don't give two flying figs about those two specific issues because
> they don't affect me. I care about the underlying problem.

We ran into those bugs while testing Squeeze and have for the most
part worked around them.  We now know never to enable insserv.  We
may even add some hacks to our systems to prevent sysv-rc from nagging
us.  And we know to remove KDE 4 and install Trinity.

However they are very serious bugs and Squeeze should not be released
with them in their current state.  They are not so much programming
bugs as process bugs - abuses of the packaging system to force or
trick people into switching to unwanted and undesirable software.

They are intentional bugs, and therefore unlikely to be fixed by the
packagers who created them without peer pressure from the majority
of Debian developers who care about the quality of Squeeze.

> You also changed the topic of this part of the thread to something
> much more interesting and important - lack of responses to RFH bugs -
> and then put nothing in the body of the reply to actually relate to the
> new subject.

You are mistaken Neil.  I indicated one important reason why experienced
programmers don't want to work on Debian.  They have no desire to spend
a year of their life humoring someone with a tenth of their expertise.

Debian has unfortunately moved from excellence-driven to time-serving.

The problem is curable.  Hopefully a DPL will tackle it one of these years.

--Mike Bird

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