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Re: Buildd & binary-indep

Bernhard R. Link wrote:
> > This smells the same as the /usr/share/doc transition. That took
> > *years* -- and without significant efforts, it would have never finished.
> Sorry. Even if that was comparable and thus true, it still means that this
> is by far the superior solution. Only taking years means it has a
> result and we would have got a useable build-arch by now multiple times.

In case you're actually not aware of the horribleness of that, see
The /usr/share/doc/ transition took 8 years to complete. I wasted at
least 2 man-months of my life on it. I'm not the only one, and overall
I'm sure we blew entire man-years of effort on it. IIRC by the time it was
complete the misfeature in dpkg that it worked around had long been
corrected, so the whole thing could have been avoided with a single
mv and symlink. I will never, ever, be involved in such a debacle again.

All we really need is an archive-wide test build using the program in #598534.
I'm fairly confident that it will show that this works for everything:
make-first-existing-target -c debian/rules build-arch build

see shy jo

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