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Re: Buildd & binary-indep

Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> >From the whole discussion, relying on Standards-Version was not well
> accepted so the only sane way of doing it (and parsing make's output
> is not sane enough for me, even if debhelper does it)

Debhelper can get away with using make -n in one case, and parsing make
-p output in another case, because anyone who choses to use dh is
responsible for fixing or working around it in the rare cases where it
doesn't work right. These methods are not suitable for broader usage.

But Adam Borowski has implmented a way to run a target and unambiguously tell
when it fails due to not existing. Some modification to make could make his
method less of a kludge. Adding the script to the make package would
encapsulate the kludge cleanly. If Debian make had this command,
it should be sufficient for both using build-arch and for half of debhelper's

	make-first-existing-target target1 target2 [target3 ...]

see shy jo

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