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Re: Richard A Nelson (Rick) <cowboy@debian.org> MIA

On Mon, Sep 27, 2010 at 10:30:59PM +0000, Richard A Nelson wrote:
> On 09/27/2010 10:14 PM, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> > On Mon, Sep 27, 2010 at 06:33:05PM +0200, Harald Jenny wrote:
> >> I'm sorry for disturbing all of you but I'm currently facing the problem that
> >> the maintainer of the Debian sendmail package, Richard A Nelson, seems to be
> >> lost. He does not react to bug reports nor mails concerning the libmilter
> >> package which is used by some other software. Please if anybody is in contact
> >> with him try to convince him that an update of this package is really needed.
> >> If there is no response from him I must contact the release team and ask if
> >> they would be willing to accept an NMU as the bug in libmilter bites a lot of
> >> other software.
> I have indeed been MIA, working though back-to-back product releases - and now
> have some breathing room before it all starts over again.
> I had an upload of sendmail 8.14.4 all ready to go, but got bitten by DB 4.8
> changes that completely broke sendmail (and a few other apps), and now there's
> been a NMU or two that I have to refit and re-check DB 4.7 vs 4.8.
> However, since we're now frozen, I'm not sure if a new version is going to be
> accepted.  As I recall, upstream did not use the suggested patch verbatim, so
> any updates to 8.14.3 should check against 8.14.4.
> I'll get 8.14.4 into unstable in the next day or so, but what happens to
> 'stable' is likely going to be a policy/RM call.
> Here's the upstream changelog which shows several important fixes - with the
> most important (IMNSHO) being:
> * The Security (top) entry
> * Host lookup crash
> * Several milter issues

Ok I guess this make the NMU pointless :-).

> 8.14.4/8.14.4   2009/12/30
>     SECURITY: Handle bogus certificates containing NUL characters
>         in CNs by placing a string indicating a bad certificate
>         in the {cn_subject} or {cn_issuer} macro.  Patch inspired
>         by Matthias Andree's changes for fetchmail.
>     During the generation of a queue identifier an integer overflow
>         could occur which might result in bogus characters
>         being used.  Based on patch from John Vannoy of
>         Pepperdine University.
>     The value of headers, e.g., Precedence, Content-Type, et.al.,
>         was not processed correctly.  Patch from Per Hedeland.
>     Between 8.11.7 and 8.12.0 the length limitation on a return
>         path was erroneously reduced from MAXNAME (256) to
>         MAXSHORTSTR (203).  Patch from John Gardiner Myers
>         of Proofpoint; the problem was also noted by Steve
>         Hubert of University of Washington.
>     Prevent a crash when a hostname lookup returns a seemingly
>         valid result which contains a NULL pointer (this seems
>         to be happening on some Linux versions).
>     The process title was missing the current load average when
>         the MTA was delaying connections due to DelayLA.
>         Patch from Dick St.Peters of NetHeaven.
>     Do not reset the number of queue entries in shared memory if
>         only some of them are processed.
>     Fix overflow of an internal array when parsing some replies
>         from a milter.  Problem found by Scott Rotondo
>         of Sun Microsystems.
>     If STARTTLS is turned off in the server (via M=S) then it
>         would not be initialized for use in the client either.
>         Patch from Kazuteru Okahashi of IIJ.
>     If a Diffie-Hellman cipher is selected for STARTTLS, the
>         handshake could fail with some TLS implementations
>         because the prime used by the server is not long enough.
>         Note: the initialization of the DSA/DH parameters for
>         the server can take a significant amount of time on slow
>         machines. This can be turned off by setting DHParameters
>         to none or a file (see doc/op/op.me).  Patch from
>         Petr Lampa of the Brno University of Technology.
>     Fix handling of `b' modifier for DaemonPortOptions on little
>         endian machines for loopback address.  Patch from
>         John Beck of Sun Microsystems.
>     Fix a potential memory leak in libsmdb/smdb1.c found by parfait.
>         Based on patch from Jonathan Gray of OpenBSD.
>     If a milter sets the reply code to "421" during the transfer
>         of the body, the SMTP server will terminate the SMTP session
>         with that error to match the behavior of the other callbacks.
>     Return EX_IOERR (instead of 0) if a mail submission fails due to
>         missing disk space in the mail queue.  Based on patch
>         from Martin Poole of RedHat.
>     CONFIG: Using FEATURE(`ldap_routing')'s `nodomain' argument would
>         cause addresses not found in LDAP to be misparsed.
>     CONFIG: Using a CN restriction did not work for TLS_Clt as it
>         referred to a wrong macro.  Patch from John Gardiner
>         Myers of Proofpoint.
>     CONFIG: The option relaytofulladdress of FEATURE(`access_db')
>         did not work if FEATURE(`relay_hosts_only') is used too.
>         Problem noted by Kristian Shaw.
>     CONFIG: The internal function lower() was broken and hence
>         strcasecmp() did not work either, which could cause
>         problems for some FEATURE()s if upper case arguments
>         were used.  Patch from Vesa-Matti J Kari of the
>         University of Helsinki.
>     LIBMILTER: Fix internal check whether a milter application
>         is compiled against the same version of libmilter as
>         it is linked against (especially useful for dynamic
>         libraries).
>     LIBMILTER: Fix memory leak that occurred when smfi_setsymlist()
>         was used.  Based on patch by Dan Lukes.
>     LIBMILTER: Document the effect of SMFIP_HDR_LEADSPC for filters
>         which add, insert, or replace headers.  From Benjamin
>         Pineau.
>     LIBMILTER: Fix error messages which refer to "select()" to be
>         correct if SM_CONF_POLL is used.  Based on patch from
>         John Nemeth.
>     LIBSM: Fix handling of LDAP search failures where the error is
>         carried in the search result itself, such as seen with
>         OpenLDAP proxy servers.
>     VACATION: Do not refer to a local variable outside its scope.
>         Based on patch from Mark Costlow of Southwest Cyberport.
>     Portability:
>         Enable HAVE_NANOSLEEP for SunOS 5.11. Patch from
>         John Beck of Sun Microsystems.
>         Drop NISPLUS from default SunOS 5.11 map definitions.
>         Patch from John Beck of Sun Microsystems.
> 8.14.3/8.14.3   2008/05/03 ...
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