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Re: Buildd & binary-indep


Am Samstag, den 25.09.2010, 00:18 +0200 schrieb Adam Borowski:
> On Fri, Sep 24, 2010 at 11:55:32PM +0200, Stéphane Glondu wrote:
> > What about building this architecture:all package only in binary-indep?
> > Like in the attached patch... This way, the buildds won't try to build them.
> > diff -u wordnet-3.0/debian/rules wordnet-3.0/debian/rules
> > -build/goldendict-wordnet:: goldendict-wordnet.dsl.dz goldendict-wordnet_abrv.dsl
> > +install/goldendict-wordnet:: goldendict-wordnet.dsl.dz goldendict-wordnet_abrv.dsl
> Uhm, but shouldn't that massive multi-hour _building_ of data be in a
> "build" (specifically, "build-indep") target rather than "install"?

one would expect that it works this way, any many people before you were
surprised by this fact. The problem is that build-indep and build-arch
are not required targets, and there is no easy way of checking whether
they exist.

It was suggested to make these targets a requirement, but so far nobody
dared to push the issue:

Maybe now, with the DEP process, this is something that could be
tackled? I for one would very much welcome such a change.


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