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Re: RFC: Rules for distro-friendly packages

Vincent Bernat writes ("Re: RFC: Rules for distro-friendly packages"):
> I am not a native English speaker so I fail to see how saying "living in
> a  narrow-minded world" is rude.

I see.  I hope I can help by explaining that calling someone
narrow-minded is insulting.  Telling someone they are "living in an
XYZ world" is also usually insulting (as it implies they're not living
in the same world as the rest of us).

>   Wiktionary does not say that
> narrow-minded is rude. It says  "having restricted or rigid views"

Neither does Wiktionary say that "stupid" is rude; it just says
"Lacking in intelligence".  Nevertheless I expect you would be
offended if someone called you stupid.

In general, attributing negative qualities to the _person_ rather than
to the _ideas_ is nearly always rude.  I think it should be avoided
here, whereever possible.

>   I should rephrase with "Keep your restricted view on what a user
> is allowed to...".  I apology for any misunderstanding.

Thanks, I think that clarification is good.


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