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Re: RFC: Rules for distro-friendly packages

Vincent Bernat writes ("Re: RFC: Rules for distro-friendly packages"):
> We just don't live in the  same world. Keep living in your narrow-minded
> world where  users are  not allowed to  compile themselves  software and
> where all  systems are up-to-date. In  my real world, I  have users that
> are running  very old  distro and that  cannot upgrade it  nightly while
> everything  works perfectly  ans just  need to  test the  software  on a
> preprod system before trying to package it.

I agree with your underlying point.  But there is absolutely no call
for phrases like "keep living in your narrow-minded world".  I think
you owe Enrico an apology.

Please try to keep this list polite.  It is OK to disagree with
people.  It is not OK to call them rude names.


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