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Re: RFC: Rules for distro-friendly packages

OoO En  cette matinée  ensoleillée du vendredi  17 septembre  2010, vers
09:08, Enrico Weigelt <weigelt@metux.de> disait :

>> No, no, no. Users are not  limited to Debian developers using Sid. Users
>> may try to compile  on an old RHEL 2. 

> In this case they should really *know* what they're doing.
> RHEL is meant as an binary-only distribution - you should NOT install
> arbitrary packages without going through the whole distro's build
> engine and qm process, otherwise they'll risk merly all the stability
> ensured by the distro - that's a design aspect of those distros.

> Wait a minute! Arbitrary _users_ should never try to rebuild anything
> on a stable/production system. As soon as you're attempting that,
> you're stepping into the package maintainer or developer role, and
> then you should *know* what you're doing (or at least learn it).

Hello, /usr/local...

>> As upstream, I  care about Debian and cross-compiling  but I also should
>> care about  people wanting to  compile my software  on old RHEL 2  or on
>> Debian Etch (an  old enough platform to require some  runtime test in my
>> case). None of those platforms have a recent enough autotools to rebuild
>> configure, BTW.

> Then they should be updated.

We just don't live in the  same world. Keep living in your narrow-minded
world where  users are  not allowed to  compile themselves  software and
where all  systems are up-to-date. In  my real world, I  have users that
are running  very old  distro and that  cannot upgrade it  nightly while
everything  works perfectly  ans just  need to  test the  software  on a
preprod system before trying to package it.
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