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Re: How to make Debian more attractive for users, was: Re: The number of popcon.debian.org-submissions is falling

Hi, Fernando:

On Tuesday 27 July 2010 04:00:11 Fernando Lemos wrote:
> 2010/7/26 Jesús M. Navarro <jesus.navarro@undominio.net>:


> How many BTS reports have you closed?
> I don't mean to sound offensive here, but this thread is fruitless.
> All I see is people talking and talking over something they have no
> say in.

Fair enough.

Now: I'm not a DD nor I want to commit time to become one, while I may have 
time from time to time.  What's the way I can help?  Since parent poster was 
worried about more bugs meaning more time to triage, how can I help triaging 

> This is free software. If you want to get your idea implemented,
> either file a bug report and patiently wait (and leave debian-devel
> alone) or implement it yourself. Talk is cheap.

Now I stepped forward.  Show me your talk wasn't a cheap one too.


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