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Re: How to make Debian more attractive for users, was: Re: The number of popcon.debian.org-submissions is falling

Le 26/07/2010 01:01, Sandro Tosi a écrit :

On Mon, Jul 26, 2010 at 00:49, Olivier Bonvalet<debian.list@daevel.fr>  wrote:
then set the right permission on the config file and use smtppasswd
(man reportbug.conf for more info). You can also save the output from
reportbug on a file and send the report from another machine.

1) store smtppasswd in reportbug.conf : for sure, I will let my SMTP
passwords in clear text everywhere.
you missed the part where I said "then set the right permission on the
config file" :) if you're not the only one (and so you could use the
~/.reportbugrc file with perms that *only* the user read it) reporting
bugs on that machine, then either you don't provide an email
capability for users on that server (f.e. a local MTA forwarding to
the real one) or any other users have to know that pwd.

No I didn't missed that part. But I'm not necessary "root" on that server (and I don't trust him), and I don't necessary have my own account on that server. So the unix grants are not of any help for me.

2) store output in a file, read it, then copy/paste on my MUA : you call
that user friendly ? ;)
No, but it's a viable solution (and I heard several people are already
doing similar stuff).


PS: I don't know how much of this still belongs to d-devel (honestly,
very few of the discussions about reportbug arisen from this thread
does) and so you might probably want to move the conversation to
reportbug-maint@lists.alioth.debian.org .
I agree, and I already mailed owner@bugs.debian.org to know if I can help for that. So I will continue discussion with them.


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