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Re: xulrunner 1.9.2 into sid?

Michael Gilbert schrieb am Tuesday, den 29. June 2010:


> In my personal opinion, the only viable option left is to drop all
> mozilla and mozilla-depending packages from main, and provide them in
> backports (as suggested already in another message in this thread).
> Backports' rolling release model makes it the perfect avenue to adhere
> to mozilla's dictated treadmill.  It may take quite a bit of work to
> excise the offending packages, but there is still quite a bit of time
> before the squeeze freeze; so it should be doable.  With respect to 
> upgrades from lenny, perhaps the iceweasel packages could upgrade to
> epiphany or chromium and provide a message about using backports
> informing the user about how to continue using iceweasel if that's
> really what they want.
You should talk with the backports ftpmaster before (yes thats me). 

Alex - Not happy about the idea. 

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