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Re: xulrunner 1.9.2 into sid?

On 06/28/2010 02:34 AM, Mike Hommey wrote:
> The latter also applies for iceape and icedove, and is why 3.5/1.9.1 is
> still considered as the release target: iceape 2.0, icedove 3.0, and
> iceweasel 3.5 are all based on xulrunner/gecko 1.9.1. Security support
> for stable will be easier if there is only one branch to support for the
> whole gecko ecosystem. Sure, upstream support for it will be dropped
> soon, but we can't expect 3.6 to be supported the whole squeeze lifetime
> either.

Ah yes, Iceape. Their releases are so few and far between, this could
possibly mean that we won't see Iceweasel 3.6 or Icedove 3.1 for some
time, correct? Upstream Seamonkey 2.1 will be build against gecko 1.9.3,
but its release date is TBD. Upstream Firefox 4 is due the end of the
year, based on 1.9.3, and will likely be ahead of Seamonkey. So where
does that put us? Seems trying to keep the two projects aligned is some
task. :)

Will Iceweasel 4 go into Sid when Iceape 2.1 goes into Sid?

> First, TB 3.1 has just been released, and as such hasn't been widely
> tested in Debian. It usually isn't very wise, that close to the expected
> freeze time, to upload a new major release of a not exactly small and
> trivial software.

I can understand this, but I would imagine the release of Squeeze is at
least 8-10 months out. We still have a good deal of RC bugs to get
through. Of course, packages this size will add to the count.

> Second, for the reasons given earlier, releasing with iceweasel 3.6 and
> icedove 3.1 would mean to avoid releasing with iceape 2.0. This may not
> be a huge problem, as we already didn't release lenny with iceape, but
> see below.

Iceape is a beautiful piece of software, and I have run it in the past.
But market share shows that Seamonkey/Iceape users are the minority,
with Firefox/Iceweasel and Thunderbird/Icedove the vast majority.
Releasing Lenny without Iceape was the best move, IMO.

> All in all, I still think releasing squeeze with iceape 2.0, iceweasel
> 3.5 and icedove 3.0 is the best course of action.

Is this really the best move? With Firefox 4 due the end of the year,
and 3.6 will be a year old already, the security team will be supporting
3.5 after Mozilla stops it's support. Same might be the case with
Icedove 3.0.

I can see this is a delicate dance, and I can see the problem of two
xulrunner releases in a single archive. I wasn't aware of the technical
complexities, so it was good to learn. Thanks for taking the time.

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