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Re: Running Debian Test version via VM Ware Player

Le Samedi 13 Mars 2010 00:11:23, Brett a écrit :
> Hi,
> I am not sure if this is the correct list to email, but the debian-testing
> list seems to mostly consist of junk mail. I have installed Debian testing
> on Ubuntu, through VM Ware Player. It seems to work fine, but I am not
> sure if I would get different results if installed directly on my
> computer. eg I once tried to install Debian directly on my computer, but
> it could not auto detect my monitor type, so I could not use without
> altering scripts or whatever. The current (as of a fortnight ago) testing
> version is working fine - but I do not know if this is because Debian is
> now able to autodetect the monitor, or because VM Ware is somehow
> intermediating. Should I take anything to be working on a virtual box to
> work the same natively? Should I ask this question on some other list?

VMWare / VirtualBox / qemu and others emulate a full computer. Apart from the 
CPU, every piece of hardware (graphics, screen, sound, network, ...)  is 
simulated, so that a guest doesn't see the real hardware.

The advantage is that you can move a virtual machine from a physical host to 
another without any issue as everything will remain the same for the guest.

You just can't rely on a vmware test to see if your hardware is supported, 
sorry. The proper way would be to use a live-CD, but I can't think of an 
official one based on squeeze.
On the other hand, Xorg is now very good at autodetecting, you can assume 
screen detection should work now if you don't have an exotic graphics card.

Xavier Vello

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