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Re: Running Debian Test version via VM Ware Player

[CCing you since I presume you are not subscribed]

On Sat, Mar 13, 2010 at 6:11 AM, Brett <brettmahar@yahoo.com> wrote:

> I am not sure if this is the correct list to email, but the debian-testing list seems to mostly consist of junk mail.

Probably debian-user would be the most appropriate list.

> I have installed Debian testing on Ubuntu, through VM Ware Player. It seems to work fine, but I am not sure if I would get different results if installed directly on my computer. eg I once tried to install Debian directly on my computer, but it could not auto detect my monitor type, so I could not use without altering scripts or whatever. The current (as of a fortnight ago) testing version is working fine - but I do not know if this is because Debian is now able to autodetect the monitor, or because VM Ware is somehow intermediating.
> Should I take anything to be working on a virtual box to work the same natively?

It depends on which drivers you installed. At one point my only Debian
install was on an external hard drive and I would boot it from various
computers in netcafes. I installed all of the xserver-xorg-video
packages and had to change xorg.conf a fair bit. These days xorg is
more automagical so it would probably work immediately in more cases.



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