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Re: New Menu category Applictions/Multimedia

On Mon, Feb 15, 2010 at 01:54:43PM +0100, Josselin Mouette wrote:
> > So we need to fire up reportbug, right?
> Hint: filing bugs doesn???t guarantee they will be fixed.

Hmmmm, yes.  Thanks for the reminder. :-(

> > No I mean a simple on of switch between "Show all entries" / "Show
> > reduced set of entries".
> It would be useless. No one needs a menu with 200 applications, because
> such a menu is not usable. What users need is a reasonable default
> selection and the ability to re-add applications that are hidden by
> default. Which is precisely why there are menu editors.

The problem is that a user will probably not add a menu entry of an
application he is not aware about.  That's kind of asking a waiter in a
restaurant: "What else can you serve me except of the items on the
menu."  An application without menu entry is defacto not existant for
users.  And yes I completely agree with your statements about crowded
menus but asking every user to fire up a menu editor will not scale
for large scale installations.

Wearing my Debian Pure Blends hat I prefer preconfigured menus for
spacific tasks but for the moment I'm quite uneducated about the chances
how to realise this in a generic way.  My guess is that the package
education-menus is a good start what we might expect as a result, but
I would like to implement this rather in the way:

  category1: cat1_pkg1, cat1_pkg2, cat1_pkg3, ...
  category2: cat2_pkg1, cat2_pkg2, cat2_pkg3, ...

We just have this categorisation in the Blends tasks files.  What we
need is a way to parse those cat<i>_pkg<j> menu files and build
reasonable freedesktop.org menus from these.

Kind regards



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