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Re: Flag images

Quoting Dmitry E. Oboukhov (unera@debian.org):
> There are many packages in debian contain flag images.

I think this whole thread answered....something that wasn't asked in
your question (is is good or bad to use flags). Flags *are* used,
whether we like it or not...or whether this is a good idea or not.

The fact is that flags *are* used in software to represent things
(countries, languages, keymaps...). They are used to represent
languages and, while I know this is a bad idea, I find it easier for
me to spot the German flag and then be sure to avoid clicking on that
icon if I want to continue understanding something or be qble to yrite
soöething on öz kezboqrd..:-)

So, Dmitry's proposal to have a good set of flags that could be
available for use (good or bad is the software's problem) seems to be
an interesting idea to me.

And, at the minimum, we could answer the technical question he's

I don't have a very clear idea about the location for files. I only
have a good idea about the file name and the file contents and I would
recommend flags to be named either after the said
countries/territories ISO code....and that the content should be the
official flag used by the country/territory official

One can object with many counterexamples...There are many and most
have been mentioned in the thread:
- countries without clearly identified official authority and thus not
official "flag" (Somalia could come to mind)
- 'countries' that aren't widely recognized as countries in ISO-3166 but have a
flag (Kosovo is an example)
- territories listed in ISO-3166 but aren't countries per se and don't
have flags (various French territories, Antarctica....)
- and probably other neat things.

There are many such examples but, still, the 246 entries in ISO-3166
would be a good start and such a package could deal with the 200+
entries that aren't a problem at all (the "country" is recognized as a
country and a 'flag' is easy to define without debate|controversy) and
deal with corner cases one by one (by being very conservative and
aware of potential risks).

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