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Re: libjpeg62-dev -> libjpeg-dev transition

* Pierre Habouzit (madcoder@madism.org) [090919 01:08]:
> I'll put blocks in my hint file to be sure that both those packages will
> migrate in testing together (I'm unsure if britney is clever enough to
> block them until all the binNMUs are done, I don't think it is). Then
> please ask for binNMUs of all the package that B-D on libjpeg-dev. Then
> we will let that migrate.

The question is: Are libjpeg62 and libjepg7 co-useable? (This only
works if symbol versioning is turned on.)

If so, this is not a real transition, and we could all relax (packages
will just one by one start using the new libary, and we can just
rebuild packages slowly, and everthing is ok).

If that isn't the case, we're missing some conflicts on libjepg7.


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