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Re: Consistent formating long descriptions as input data (Was: RFC: Better formatting for long descriptions)

Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 21, 2009 at 10:37:00AM +0200, Vincent Danjean wrote:
>>   As shown before in the other thread, markdown does not work with
>> the current long description : it needs pre-processing to add some
>> blank lines before each list.
> I've the impression that you didn't read my post, I might be wrong
> though. 

Do you read mine ?

> Anyhow, what I said there is that *each single paragraph* can
> be considered Markdown (and not the whole long description), using
> single-dot lines as paragraph separators.

This part is so easy that I did not even talk about it in my mail
(I talked about it in my previous mail when I showed with an example
that Markdown need more preprocessing that this one)

> With that convention, you
> can use Markdown out of the box (on each paragraph) as long as each
> list is on a single paragraph (which sounds like a reasonable
> requirement to pose).

No: lots of description do not put list in a single paragraph. In plain
ASCII, it would be uggly to have a blank line before a list introduced
by a colon...

So, you need to know where to add blank lines in long description before
sending them to Markdown.

> Note that the only pre-processor needed seems to be the one which
> separate paragraphs using the single dot we already use.

No. Adding blank lines before lists is also required.


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