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Re: Consistent formating long descriptions as input data

On Mon, Apr 20 2009, Andreas Tille wrote:

> Hi,
> as promissed in the overlongish thread [1] I would like to
> sort out the details how we should enhance the consistency and
> parseability of our long descriptions in a poll.  I agree that
> it is not a good idea to solve technical issues in a poll.
> But this is not about a technical issue.  There is a fact that
> we need a defined structure (technical issue 1) to be able
> to parse the long descriptions (whatever library or self invented
> code will be used - technical issue 2).  But the details how
> the structure should look like is more or less an aesthetical
> question (because several tools print the long descriptions
> in verbose mode) and so the question is about this aesthetics.
> If you want to discuss the technical issues please read all mails
> of the thread and continue discussing this (preferably with a
> new subject).
> Here is the URL of the poll:
>    http://doodle.com/2bp8rrh3i35sr4s7

        Frankly, a poll about micromanaging marks for each level of
 unordered list does seem to be technical. It is also an implementation
 detail, and invents our own convention, and options 1 & 2 would cause
 many more packages to be changed than would just adopting markdown or
 ReST. The fact that we need more packages changed for options 1 & 2
 makes them technically inferior.

        Is there anyone other than yourself who is actually unhappy
 about markdown/ReST?

        And should we have similar silly polls (which I have no
 intention of promoting by voting in them) for emhpasis? for specifying
 bold/italic text? For ordered lists? for a myriad of other useful
 markup already familiar to people who know markdown and ReST?

        Also, given that there are more output formats than html
 available for markdown/ReST is another plus point; we might want other
 output formats for Descriptions than plain ol' html.

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