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Re: realtime kernel for Debian


[your To: header was strange, maybe my mail reaches less recipents than

>>> To get some progress here, I'm searching for a person who wants and 
>>> is  capable in filing a wishlist bug (with a patch vs. the package 
>>> linux-2.6
>> Maybe providing a patch package is a better first step?
> thanks for thinking. Who could provide such a patch package?
I can.  I'd need a sponsor, though.  I know two Debian developers, I
will ask them.

The patch on top of Debian's 2.6.29 is already made[1]---I just merged
v2.6.29-rt1 and Debian's tree.

Best regards

[1] Available in my git repo at

	git://git.pengutronix.de/git/ukl/linux-2.6.git debian-rt

or browsable at:


The actual diff is at:


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