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Re: Bug#519070: fixed in raptor 1.4.18-2

clone 519695 -1
reassign -1 openoffice.org
retitle -1 raptor links against openssl
reopen -1
found -1 1:3.0.0~ooo300m3-1


Dave Beckett wrote:
> Changes: 
>  raptor (1.4.18-2) unstable; urgency=low
>  .
>    * Link to libcurl-gnutls to remove openssl linking (Closes: #519070, #519695)

Brilliant. Now instead of "libgmyth-dev and other packages" other packages
will fail. Amonst them openoffice.org [1], see https://buildd.debian.org/~luk/status/package.php?p=openoffice.org&suite=unstable#fail-openoffice.org-sparc.
OOo build-depends on libcurl4-openssl-dev. This is because of:

  * debian/rules:
    - build against OpenSSL versions of curl and (especially) neon again
      as the webdav ucp now directly links against openssl...
      (reopens: #391671). Use system-openssl.

in OOo 2.4.0... And OOo 3 started to use librdf (but see [1])...

This means, though, that OOos internal raptor copy is also affected by #519695,
which I'll get to upstream...

Changing from one bad to an other bad.

But we need a solution now which doesn't make all kind of packages
uninstallable because their build-deps cannot be installed...
(prerably without a rebuild of affected packages...)



[1] which has an internal raptor copy, though, which I can revert to -
    and actually must when upstream finishes OOos  implementation as it
    needs some fixes the redland people don't integrate...

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