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Re: realtime kernel for Debian

Andreas Tille wrote:
On Tue, 24 Mar 2009, nescivi wrote:

Given that there are several audio oriented distributions based on Debian (e.g. 64studio and pure:dyne) that would benefit from this, and I am sure
their teams may be interested in helping to support it too.

IMHO it makes perfectly sense to try to join forces with these Debian
based distributions and try to comaintain a -rt kernel package together
with these guys to ensure a solit maintenance inside Debian.

A lot of linux audio users build their own patched kernels, because they can't
get it from the distribution;

So why don't these people try to go the right way (tm) and work on an
official -rt kernel package?

and not all of them enjoy doing it. (I've kept
postponing it, but if I don't find one in a distro soon, I'll probably have
to... the current Ubuntu rt kernel seems to have some other issues I
believe... at least on 64bit...)

One reason more to finally solve the problem in the source distribution
to make sure that all derivers will profit from it.

A little sidestep:

Also for a realtime kernel for music production it's important to have the right drivers in it, to support firewire devices for example. I read this on the Debian multimedia mailinglist:

We're aiming to have this package in 64 Studio 3.0, we also need to change our 2.6.29-rc4 kernel to support the old firewire stack though.

>> Why only in 64studio and not in plain Debian?

What's good for Debian is good for us :-) but the Debian project may not want to tweak the kernel or the FireWire stack just for the benefit of FFADO users. In the 64 Studio project we have more flexibility to do things like that.

Some background info here:

What is true about this? Shouldn't plain Debian also support those Pro audio Firewire devices, the ones the FFADO team are making drivers for?



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