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Re: Sponsorship requirements and copyright files

On Thu, Mar 26 2009, Russ Allbery wrote:

> Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> writes:
>>         Not currently seems to imply that at some point it will be
>>  mandatory at some point.  I find that somewhat presumptuous, but
>>  perhaps I am reading too much into the "in this current time" bit.  I
>>  would put it as this is a proposal. It is not, and will not become
>>  policy, unless something improves radically. Even so, it might never
>>  become policy, and at this point a proposal in good enough shape to
>>  even start discussing the merits of the idea does not exist.  When a
>>  proposal which is even maginally viable is licked into shape, it shall
>>  be brought forth to light again. And, if it is very good, it might live
>>  to see light in policy.
> One intermediate way in which I could see this specification going into
> Policy without it being required for anyone would be to add a subsection
> of the copyright section that says "you are not required to use any
> particular format for debian/copyright, but if you *want* to use a
> structured format, please use this one."  I can see some value in doing
> that without requiring the format and I think it would fit into the
> mandate of Policy to do so.

        You think policy shol recommend people use a format known to ve
 flawed, in draft form, and scheduled to be radically changed? I think
 this is one case where policy should instead butt out and let the
 format be tested and adopted by users and have the kinks worked way out
 before recommending something that no one actually defends using.

        Indeed, changing recommendations on an ongoing basis as the
 specification is modified, tested, and modified again  would lead to
 people who follow policy recommendations to be using something that is
 deprecated, and would be the wrong thing for policy to do.

        Am I missing something? (It has been a long day of meetings, and
 the hotel bed is lumpy, and I am replying to these mails fighting bouts
 of insomnia)

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was had by someone before you.
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