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Re: NEW processing

Mike O'Connor <stew@debian.org> (25/03/2009):
> Yes, there have definately been times when packages are rejected from
> NEW that only got there becuase of a package addition.  I'd say its
> common, even.   If a package passes through new, then the maintainer
> uploads without really paying attention to what they are uploading,
> upstream licensing may have changed, making the package no longer
> acceptable.  Or the package might have passed NEW in the past when it
> really shoudln't have.

And while the new package is kept out, the package currently in the
archive might not be suitable at all. In the case of a single binary
addition, that would mean as many RC bugs as REJECTED packages, don't
you think?

I might have missed some, but I haven't followed -bugs-rc closely last
weeks, I must confess.


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