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Re: NEW processing

Le Wednesday 25 March 2009 16:18:46 Mike O'Connor, vous avez écrit :
> > I have several very small ocaml packages waiting in NEW for several weeks
> > now. I am upstream on these packages, and, honnestly, it takes few
> > minutes to check them (only 3 files of code in tarball).
> Of course, keep in mind, we wouldn't know that the package only has 3
> files until we check.


> > However, if like 3 DDs claim they have reviewed the package's license and
> > that eveythying is like GPL, along with a subjective views on the
> > complexity of the package's check, then the work should be much more
> > faster afterward.
> Knowing that 3 other DDs have checked a package doesn't change our work
> at all, unless that reduces the number of uploads.  

Well, for instance, you would know when a review is going to take time or not.


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