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why is Ardour pretty outdated in stable and not in testing? (was Re: Please Improve Debian for Multimedia Production)


Now we're talking about improving Debian for multimedia, realtime kernels and the like, I thought let's make some work on more things to overcome some dissadvantages of Debian for audio production compared to other distro's.

Why is such a core app and also beautiful app as Ardour is, not even in Debian stable or testing? This is a big problem imo and it should be solved as soon as possible. I can't imagine that there is a real problem, cause I know the Ardour devs as people who respect GNU/GPL...

I read this on the Debian multimedia mailinglist:

  EDR> It's not a matter of debian developer laziness ... the ardour in sid
  EDR> needs patches to _upstream_ libraries. If/when those upstream libraries
  EDR> accept the patches the ardour devs need, then those libraries can get
  EDR> into debian and ardour can use the debian packaged versions rather than
  EDR> it's own forked versions.

100% agreed, ardour not in lenny is a Real Pity (TM). To recap

0) the ardour package was built against some 3rd party libs shipped
inside the upstream tarball, this raised an RC bug

1) that bug was around for a long time, there were no easy fix for
that, but eventually all of the patches made it the 3rd party upstream
projects, which in turned made it to si

2) I've fixed RC bug in ardour in version 2.7.1-2


It was on Dec 18th, that means nearly 2 months before lenny got
release. At this point ardour was RC-free BUT..

3) It was depending on jackd 0.109.2, uploaded a few days before. Note
that jack 0.109.2 was a very important release because it fixed
important bugs in version 0.106, which had been around for almost one

Unfortunately lenny was already freezed by that time, and although
both of the above updates were really safe (IMO) and despite all the
efforts I and especially Reinhard put into convincing the release
managers, we are unable to convince them to accept the updates in

I personally felt very disappointed by all this, especially
considering that lenny got out *2* months later.

( http://www.mail-archive.com/debian-multimedia@lists.debian.org/msg03163.html )

Please some reactions on this issue and I hope it can be solved! Would be great! :)

Thanks in advance,


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