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Please Improve Debian for Multimedia Production


Since a while I'm pretty active in using Debian/Linux for Multimedia production, especially focusing on music production (check www.linuxmusicians.com for instance).

Debian is a great system to use for this. Unfortunately there are nice music production applications which are not in Debian yet or are pretty outdated (also those in unstable). It would be nice if we could improve Debian for multimedia production and package more multimedia packages and keep them up to date.

For instance, I posted some apps which are not in Debian right now as wishes (RFP):


(There is work on progress on Frescobaldi, Rumor (my first Debian package ;) ) and Gtklick.)

Of course we have the Debian Multimedia Team, which takes care of a lot of multimedia packages for Debian. So if you like to help in this progress, the best thing you could do imo is joining the Debian Multimedia Team:


Thanks in advance,


ps: I'm not an official member of the Debian Multimedia Team myself. I'm just a musician which uses Debian now, but I think I'm gonna join the team myself. I recently build my first Debian package :), so I'm almost ready to join ;)

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