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Re: Sponsorship requirements and copyright files

On Fri, Mar 20 2009, Noah Slater wrote:

> No one is saying it isn't a chore.
> As a maintainer, it is your duty to make sure that everything you
> upload is DFSG free, which means checking every single file. As you
> have to do this anyway, it makes sense to record that information in
> debian/copyright. If you maintain a very large package, then you
> should *expect* this to take a long time.

        I don't care for copyright notices, really. I care for license
 statements; and I take the upstream on trust that the license attached
 to the work is valid (since it is hard to determine every copyright
 holder -- people who have contributed more than, say, 10 lines of code,
 unless we trust the upstream to mention them).

        Even otherwise, I would find recording the names in the
 copyright notices a partial rendering, irrelevant in a copyright
 challenge, and too much work for what it is worth.

> If that's too much effort for your, get a co-maintainer or a different
> package.

        Frankly, for such lack of collegiality, one could arguably
 suggest you seek another project, neh? However, to keep this civil, I
 will just say:

        Patches welcome, as long as they come with a verification toll
 as well.

        In the meanwhile, I'll record Licenses and file to which they
 apply, and copyright holders will be opportunistically captured.

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