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Re: Sponsorship requirements and copyright files

On 2009-03-20, Mike O'Connor <stew@debian.org> wrote:
> To me, it seems like since one has to go through all of the source files
> anyway, creating a list of copyright holders while you are doing it is a
> trivial task.  I don't see why making this list takes any time at all
> really.  Unless you are not actually looking at the code you upload,
> which would worry me for other reasons as well.

It is a very trivial, but very time consuming task to document the
copyright holders.

$ find . -name '*.cpp' | wc --lines
$ find . -name '*.h' | wc --lines

find all the well formed copyright holder headers:
$ grep -rhi Copyright *  | grep "@"| sed 's/\*//g;s/#//g;s,/,,g;s/
//g;s/^ //' | sort -u  | wc --lines

and then there is all the not well formed ones who needs to be manually
found, and ordered into a copyright file of any format.

And this is just looking at one of my source packages.

Trying to take another example, a bit bigger, but one who until now get
special treatment by ftp team copyright file wise:

linux-2.6-2.6.28$ find . -name '*.h' | wc --lines
$ find . -name '*.c' | wc --lines
$ grep -rhi Copyright *  | grep "@"| sed 's/\*//g;s/#//g;s,/,,g;s/
//g;s/^ //' | sort -u  | wc --lines

"not any time at all" ...


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