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Re: Bug#466550: Pristine source from upstream VCS repository

Ben Finney wrote:

> On 12-Mar-2009, Bernd Zeimetz wrote:
>> Hi,
>> >         The best way to get the exact sources for the current
>> >         version probably should be a  new watch file
>> >         (watch-current) which has a static version number in the
>> >         regexp
> I don't see why this file would be needed, since a watchfile
> specifying ‘debian’ as the version already has this effect (according
> to the ‘uscan(1)’ manpage).

Er, no. 'debian' only indicates to uscan that the version from the latest
changelog entry should be the one compared with the one found from
upstream.  What you want in this case is the --download-version option that
was added some time ago. And if you want to, file a report requesting a
magical value of 'current' to be  supported, which would take the version
from the latest changelog entry, apply dversionmangle to it and check if it
is still available upstream and download.

Raphael Geissert

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