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Re: Bug#466550: Pristine source from upstream VCS repository


>         The best way to get the exact sources for the current version
>  probably should be a  new watch file (watch-current) which has a static
>  version number in the regexp, but can use all the other facilities f
>  uscan -- wild carded directory, looking thoiugh an index.html page for
>  a matching href, and so on.

No, please don't just add another watch file just for the sake of it, using
these files is more or less like living in the last century. People are able to
get the current source from the Debian pool, if that is not enough for them,
they should be old enough to be able to click on the upstream homepage link in
the package's description and get the source.

A lot of people, including myself, prefer to pull form the upstream vcs
directly, and work on top of that, using git for example. Using uscan to
retrieve the exact version is often impossible, as it's not trivial to get a
tarball from a specific upstream branch, tag or ref.

I think the way Debian should go is to tell people that they should clone the
developer's git ([.. insert your favourite dvcs here ...]) repository and work
with it, probably requiring to explain how working with the repository works,
which branches are used for what, and so on. At least that would fit *todays*
way of handling packages, at least for a lot of people.



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