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Re: Bug#466550: Pristine source from upstream VCS repository


        The best way to get the exact sources for the current version
 probably should be a  new watch file (watch-current) which has a static
 version number in the regexp, but can use all the other facilities f
 uscan -- wild carded directory, looking thoiugh an index.html page for
 a matching href, and so on.

        This allows us not to reinvent the wheel in policy for uscan,
 does not require every one to do their own uscan, often replicating
 uscan poorly, and allows for simple scripting to grab the watch-current
 file from, say, the pts or packages.d.o and not havce to unpack the old
 source to run make on debian/rules.

        It is simpler for lintian to check, avoids the NIH syndrome,
 does not  silently change the semantics of a policy rule, and continues
 to allow the current target to be used for the original purpose of
 munging raw upstream sources. It also means we will not be doing design
 of the dowloader in policy.

        There was a reason the original policy dictum was vague: we did
 not want to limit the things people do to munge upstream sources to
 make it palatable to Debian.

        Perhaps it is time for me to play a more active role in policy
 again, if Russ is willing to let me back in.

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