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Re: inetd's status in Debian

Roger Leigh writes ("Re: inetd's status in Debian"):
> The fact that update-inetd directly updates inetd.conf and inetd.conf

Since this was my fault, I would just like to apologise again.

> I did propose we switch to inetd-using packages providing a
> config file fragment in e.g. /etc/inetd.d, and having update-inetd
> simply regenerate inetd.conf from these pieces (and it would
> be trivial for it to preserve user edits with this mechanism),
> and it would also be idempotent.  It has the benefits of simplicity
> and robustness, since it doesn't require calling a postinst script
> to run update-inetd with a specific (and limited) set of options.
> The current approach relies of update-inetd being hugely complex,
> when it really doesn't need to be.

Yes, please.


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