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Please make openbsd-inetd of priority Extra.

Package: openbsd-inetd
Version: 0.20080125-2
Tags: squeeze sid
Severity: normal

Following the thread on debian-devel, where people seemed to agree with
such a move, could you please upload a new openbsd-inetd with its
priority set to Extra instead of Standard ?


On lun, mar 09, 2009 at 07:06:16 +0000, Pierre Habouzit wrote:
> We're in an era where inetds are less and less a central piece of a
> standard Linux distribution. Inetd was used in the past because many
> servers lacked a proper standalone mode, or were too memory-hungry.
> Most machines nowadays have enough memory, and most daemons provide a
> standalone mode (I mean who configures apache as an inetd service ?).
> Looking at my own case, my sole inetd uses are for bitlebee which
> nowadays provides a standalone mode, and git-daemon because I'm too lazy
> to write an init script.
> Just looking at the packages requiring an inet superserver, you'll see that
> it's probably that nowadays users don't need a superserver at all[0].
> I'm wondering if making super servers become optionnal wouldn't be a worthy
> goal for squeeze.

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