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Re: inetd's status in Debian

On Mon, Mar 09, 2009 at 08:06:16PM +0100, Pierre Habouzit wrote:
> Most machines nowadays have enough memory, and most daemons provide a
> standalone mode (I mean who configures apache as an inetd service ?).

> Just looking at the packages requiring an inet superserver, you'll see that
> it's probably that nowadays users don't need a superserver at all[0].
> I'm wondering if making super servers become optionnal wouldn't be a worthy
> goal for squeeze.

I agree with this goal.  One major lack in our current inetd support is
for services which should run on IPv6 (tcp6 and udp6).  While the
current default inetd (openbsd-inetd) can support IPv6, in practice
no maintainer scripts are actually adding tcp6/udp6 lines to inetd.conf
in addition to tcp/udp lines.  Additionally, not all inetds support
IPv6, so adding these lines will break some inetds.

While packages requiring inetd support will of course need to keep
inetd around, it would be nice if packages offering both inetd and
standalone operation could drop inetd support in favour of standalone
operation only (since starting up the server every time for e.g.
apache and even services like proftpd is less efficient than just
having the dæmon sleep when not in use).


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