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inetd's status in Debian

We're in an era where inetds are less and less a central piece of a
standard Linux distribution. Inetd was used in the past because many
servers lacked a proper standalone mode, or were too memory-hungry.

Most machines nowadays have enough memory, and most daemons provide a
standalone mode (I mean who configures apache as an inetd service ?).

Looking at my own case, my sole inetd uses are for bitlebee which
nowadays provides a standalone mode, and git-daemon because I'm too lazy
to write an init script.

Just looking at the packages requiring an inet superserver, you'll see that
it's probably that nowadays users don't need a superserver at all[0].

I'm wondering if making super servers become optionnal wouldn't be a worthy
goal for squeeze.

Note: I'm not saying we should remove super servers from Debian, I'm just
      saying it's not as central as it used to be.

[0]  grep-dctrl -sSource,Package -FDepends inet-superserver gives:

    Package: afbackup

    Source: amanda
    Package: amanda-common

    Source: atftp
    Package: atftpd

    Package: bidentd

    Package: bozohttpd

    Package: dbskkd-cdb

    Source: fai
    Package: fai-quickstart

    Package: fakepop

    Source: firebird2.0
    Package: firebird2.0-classic

    Source: firebird2.1
    Package: firebird2.1-classic

    Source: linux-ftpd
    Package: ftpd

    Source: linux-ftpd-ssl
    Package: ftpd-ssl

    Package: gtalk

    Package: gwhois

    Source: heimdal
    Package: heimdal-kdc

    Source: heimdal
    Package: heimdal-servers

    Source: heimdal
    Package: heimdal-servers-x

    Source: inetutils
    Package: inetutils-talkd

    Source: inetutils
    Package: inetutils-telnetd

    Source: uw-imap
    Package: ipopd

    Package: isdnutils

    Source: isdnutils
    Package: isdnvboxserver

    Source: krb5
    Package: krb5-ftpd

    Source: krb5
    Package: krb5-rsh-server

    Source: krb5
    Package: krb5-telnetd

    Source: ldm
    Package: ldm-server

    Package: leafnode

    Source: ltsp
    Package: ltsp-server-standalone

    Package: micro-httpd

    Package: midentd

    Package: node

    Source: cernlib
    Package: pawserv

    Package: pidentd

    Source: proftpd-dfsg
    Package: proftpd-basic

    Package: qpopper

    Source: qpopper
    Package: qpopper-drac

    Source: remctl
    Package: remctl-server

    Source: rsh-redone
    Package: rsh-redone-server

    Source: netkit-rsh
    Package: rsh-server

    Package: rstatd

    Source: netkit-rwall
    Package: rwalld

    Package: sendfile

    Package: skksearch

    Package: sn

    Source: samba
    Package: swat

    Source: netkit-ntalk
    Package: talkd

    Source: netkit-telnet
    Package: telnetd

    Source: netkit-telnet-ssl
    Package: telnetd-ssl

    Source: netkit-tftp
    Package: tftpd

    Package: uucp

    Source: uw-imap
    Package: uw-imapd

    Source: wipl
    Package: wipl-client-inetd

    Package: xfingerd

    Package: xtel

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