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Re: xcdroast does no longer work with wodim: Who to blame?

Quoting Josselin Mouette <joss@debian.org>:

Le dimanche 01 mars 2009 à 22:25 -0800, Bill Unruh a écrit :
The issue is one of the users. They do not give a damn if Schilling is a
difficult and arrogant SOB or if the Debian people put principle above all
else. They just want good software, which works, not just on the most popular
brands but on all brands of CD, DVD, blueray, ... and to be assured that it
will keep working. Surely in all of this it is that user that needs to be kept
topmost in mind.

The only thing for which you’ll need Schily-based software in Debian is
for burning CDs. For DVDs and Blu-Rays, we have dvd+rw-tools already.

You don't need Schily-based software for burning CDs. Consider cdrskin and xorriso instead.

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