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Re: Sections - especially section:kde and section:gnome

On Wed, Jan 07 2009, Joerg Jaspert wrote:

>> I don't remember using sections in over 4 years of Debian usage, though
>> I had already used GNU/Linux for a few months before I switched to
>> Debian. But I doubt even a user new to GNU/Linux would use them much.
> Everyone that uses a tool like aptitude does use them much. I guess
> similar is true for a graphical ting like synaptic and whatnot else we
> have.

        As a counterpoint, I find the sections invaluable while
 reviewing new packages in aptitude. I have the following configuration
aptitude::UI::Default-Grouping "filter(missing),task,status,priority,section(subdir,passthrough),section(topdir)";

        When looking at new packages, I collase the libs and libdevel
 (the former lists packages that will be pulled in as needed, the latter
 I only pull in as I need them for development, and I know how to search
 for the packages).

        Doc packages are another area; I look at them on my devel box,
 and usually collapse it on server boxes (no need to have duplicates on
 machines where the fewer packages the better).

        I alos pay more attention to the sections related to the
 interpreters I use (perl/python, etc). I also like math packages being
 off in their own area; I can then pay attention (or not) to these

        So, classification of packages is important while browsing them.

        I agree that sections are less than useful while looking for a
 specific package; which is why we have search mechanisms. While
 browsing, though, the sections are easy to set up in aptitude

        Now, I think that if debtags were integrated into aptitude UI and
 configuration, where one my set up custom views while browsing, debtags
 could be a replacement. It already is a better interface for selecting
 or searching for packages, but these are two different activities we
 are talking about.

        If we are talking about changing the aptitude interface, may I
 request that there should be attention paid to the different needs of
 searching/selecting versus browsing? And that browsing is still a valid
 activity (because of the new packages, if nothing else), even with 10l+
 packages in the archive? 

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