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Re: Sections - especially section:kde and section:gnome

On Wed, Jan 07, 2009 at 08:32:24AM +0100, Joerg Jaspert <joerg@debian.org> was heard to say:
> > I don't remember using sections in over 4 years of Debian usage, though
> > I had already used GNU/Linux for a few months before I switched to
> > Debian. But I doubt even a user new to GNU/Linux would use them much.
> Everyone that uses a tool like aptitude does use them much. I guess
> similar is true for a graphical ting like synaptic and whatnot else we
> have.

  Using sections to break up the package list is an artifact of 2000,
when it actually made sense.  With the number of packages in the archive
now it no longer really makes sense to use sections, and they will
probably go away (at least as the default view) at some point in the
future, in favor of searches on keywords and tags.


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