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Re: Override changes standard -> optional

Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 06 2009, Frans Pop wrote:
>> I also still feel there should be a debian-selinux mailing list,
>> probably targeted at both DDs and users. Would you care to take the
>> lead on that and request one?
>         There are already alioth lists for this.
> selinux-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org
> selinux-user@lists.alioth.debian.org

Ah, OK. I was not aware of those lists. One reason for that is probably 
that they are not even mentioned on the wiki...
Google also does not find them for me.

>         Given the traffic and number of subscribers there, do we really
>  need lists.d.o lists?

Maybe not, but it shows the existing lists do need better advertising.

However, personally I dislike mailing lists on alioth as my general 
experience is that the are poorly administered and not obvious to find 
for people who are not directly involved. From that perspective switching 
to l.d.o may be preferable after all.

>  Which, in my case, tends to come in
>  spurts, and the prognosis for the future does not look good, given the
>  development atmosphere in Debian. (For example, expressing
>  disappointment in the level of "support" while doing nothing to help
>  the process along).

Bullshit. I've spent quite a lot of time on trying SELinux and reporting 
issues in Aug-Okt 2007. With absolutely zero response [1]. So after a 
while I gave up.

[1] I did get some response on the upstream list and IRC channel which I'd 
joined at the time, amongst others from Russell, but none from you or on 
the bug reports while you had explicitly promised active support, for 
example in your Debconf talk.

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