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Re: Override changes standard -> optional

On Tue, Jan 06 2009, Frans Pop wrote:

> I think we're getting pretty far OT from the original thread here. I'd 
> prefer to discuss this further in a separate thread after the release of 
> Lenny.
> I also still feel there should be a debian-selinux mailing list,
> probably targeted at both DDs and users. Would you care to take the
> lead on that and request one?

        There are already alioth lists for this.

        Given the traffic and number of subscribers there, do we really
 need lists.d.o lists?

        At this point, since there are only Russell and I working on
 SELinux to any extent for Debian, progress on these tasks will depend
 on the time the two os us have. Which, in my case, tends to come in
 spurts, and the prognosis for the future does not look good, given the
 development atmosphere in Debian. (For example, expressing
 disappointment in the level of "support" while doing nothing to help
 the process along).

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