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Re: Override changes standard -> optional

> Actually, I misspoke in saying that mtr-tiny is the only traceroute we have
> by default.  iputils-traceroute is also installed at Priority: important; but
> iputils-traceroute is far less useful on modern networks than mtr-tiny is.
> If traceroute belongs in important, then mtr belongs in standard.

I'd rather say that the priority of iputils-traceroute should be downgraded as

> > If so, I doubt that the the output of strace will be very useful to those,
> The same argument easily applies to the output of 'dig', which is included
> in dnsutils at Priority: standard.  Nevertheless, having it available by
> default is useful for troubleshooting purposes when a problem has been
> escalated to the corresponding "support" personnel (via a Debian bug report,
> by handing your computer to your local expert, or whatever).

I do see one important fact here: Both, some traceroute tool and dig, are useful
in troubleshooting network problems, and its output will be useful for support
personnel. While the latter is also true for strace and friends, network
problems may prevent one from fetching the corresponding packages from Debian

Summarizingly I think that network troubleshooting tools should have a higher
chance to stay with Priority: standard than other debugging tools. Still, there
must be some consistency: If dig goes in, then some traceroute implementation
should do so as well, or (my preferred position) all of them should be demoted.


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