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Re: Override changes standard -> optional

> The policy definition of 'standard' is:
>           These packages provide a reasonably small but not too limited
>           character-mode system.  This is what will be installed by default
>           if the user doesn't select anything else.  It doesn't include
>           many large applications.
> It's difficult to see how any of these packages fail the *definition* of
> standard.

Indeed this is hard to tell, but "not too limited character-mode system" is so
vague that it won't be very helpful to take a look at this definition anyway.
Rather, it will require a case-by-case decision building on consensus.

> > strace
> > mtr-tiny
> I think these are useful troubleshooting tools that we ought to install by
> default.  mtr-tiny is the only traceroute tool included in standard
> currently.
> For comparison, both of these packages are part of the Ubuntu standard
> system.
> I think we ought to even consider adding gdb in addition to strace, size
> allowing, since these two tools are rather complementary in their use; but
> certainly, I'd prefer having strace over not having either.

Is "standard" in some sense also targeted at those who do lots of stuff other
than hacking with their computer systems? If so, I doubt that the the output of
strace will be very useful to those, and neither will those have any idea about
computer networks and the output of traceroute. As such, even though I do love
to have those tools at hand myself, I fully agree with the ftpmasters' proposal
of demoting those packages.

[...] (the other stuff I agree with)

> > For the time right after the release we also intend to move ispell,
> > iamerican, ibritish, wamerian and dictionaries-common down.
> Why?  I don't think that's justified at all.

Hmm, do you disagree with the proposed move, or with postponing that?


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