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Bug#509732: Debian policy doesn't feature RC bugs

José Luis González <jlgonzal@ya.com> writes:
> System. This makes it impossible to report a bug with RC severity in
> the Bug Tracking System that permits RC bugs to remain in Debian when
> the report is closed incorrectly and nobody notices before it is
> archived (please see bug #227941.) Since the problem is only specific
> to that bug, it would suffice to raise severity of #227941 to
> serious.

Why on earth would #227941 be anything but a wishlist? It is very easy
to reopen an archived bug, all you need to do is unarchive it first.

For your main point, I don't think BTS is a release system, so bugs
filed against it won't be RC, no matter what their BTS severity
happens to be - just like bugs filed against the ftp.debian.org
pseudopackage won't affect the release. I also don't think BTS is
something that should be described in the Policy Manual.

Anyway, this bug is definitely not "general", it is debian-policy.
Please change it.

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