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Re: "Debian women may leave due to 'sexist' post"

Amaya  wrote / napísal(a):

By creating Debian Women, we are sending out the message that it is
definitely ok to be a female and and a geek, and we aim to create
visibility for those female users, developers, contributors... so that
they can serve as 'role models', or inspiration for other males and
females who might be inteested in getting involved.

Yes, the time of announcement I felt it that way.

Regarding my personal webpage, it has nothing to do with Debian, so it
is offtopic in this discussion.

Well, it just gives different point of view on the recent "incident". It is often good to learn about the people's motives when decisions are made.

When I reflected upon my need for approval, I also found my answer to
the one million dollars question: Why are there so few women in
For me, the patriachy is an acceptable answer. Find your own, it is an
enlightment trip, and you do not need to aome to my same answer.

For me, the answer is quite simple. The computing is almost technical industry, and therefore it is naturally more suitable for men, who are naturally strog in technical thinking and achieving the task milestones. Just like there are much more women in people-contact positions, because women are naturally better equipped for social contact, empathy, caregiving... Althought I think it is time now, that much of technical issues are being solved or solved already, and there is need to make the computing experienca "more human".

A man would usually be a terrible personal assistant (secretary) or kindergarden nurse, because men are weak in paralell-tasking, where women are strong. I found these things to be natural -woman is just naturally better equipped for the household and children care, not because "man poses her to that pose", but because she really CAN effectively cope with multiple tasks at time, e.q. she can cook and guard a child at the same time, with ease. Man cannot do that, or only with extreme stress. Give him three tasks, he would overburn. Other hand, it is usually harder for a woman to keep track for long-term goals, concentrate to single task, etc. You can find a paralell in some stone-age image, where man must concantrate his conciousness and strength to single task -hunt down an animal so to feed his family, although I don't believe in stone-age either :-)

Admitting this knowledge, we can use our strong attributes for a great benefit, rather than suppressing the difference, that would also suppress our potential.


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