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Bug#508644: general: installing mdadm pulls in citadel-server as depedency

>>>>> "Eugene" == Eugene V Lyubimkin <jackyf.devel@gmail.com> writes:

    Eugene> Hasse Hagen Johansen wrote:
    >> I think it would be better to ask which package to use for a
    >> virtual if it is installed interactively. In my case actually
    >> didn't want exim4 neither citadel - not for a mailserver. In most
    >> cases I think ssmtp or nullmailer is more appropiate, but that is
    >> another discussion :-)
    Eugene> Actually, apt-get is more often used as non-interactive
    Eugene> package manager, so I would not add interactive "asker" to
    Eugene> it. Aptitude, however, has all chances and opportunities to
    Eugene> implement it.

Yes, but even though when using apt-get you are asked debconf questions
for various packages? If just a sane(and by sane I mean use the "debian
default" in this situation exim4) default is used when used
non-interactively I can only see that it will help. For
mail-transfer-agent it depends very much of the kind of system you would
end up with, which of the packages which provides mail-transfer-agent
you would use

But I am perfectly fine that it works as it works now. I just didn't
think it was fine when mdadm pulled in citadel-server :-)

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