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Bug#508644: general: installing mdadm pulls in citadel-server as depedency

>>>>> "Daniel" == Daniel Baumann <daniel@debian.org> writes:

    Daniel> Hasse Hagen Johansen wrote:
    >> I just would let you know that maybe it is a more general problem
    >> as mdadm is also pulling citadel-server in as a dependency

    Daniel> this really sucks (in this case only if you have recommends
    Daniel> enabled, though). someone should check all depends and
    Daniel> recommends in debian to not declare unconditional relations
    Daniel> to mail-transfer-agent.

Yes. Actually like the virtual packages work right now it probably ok to
just take one of the packages satisfying the mail-transfer-agent.

But right now I don't quite understand how apt-get/aptitude would pick the
mail-transfer-agent to use? is it first hit of a package with Provides
mail-transfer-agent? in some package cache or something?

Maybe apt-get/aptitude could just asks the user when they find that
multiple packages Provides the dependency?

I know that would not work non-interactively, but that could be solved
with maybe having some file a standard place telling apt-get/aptitude
which are the official debian standard package for a Virtual package and
install that?

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