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Bug#508644: general: installing mdadm pulls in citadel-server as depedency

>>>>> "Daniel" == Daniel Baumann <daniel@debian.org> writes:

    >> Maybe apt-get/aptitude could just asks the user when they find
    >> that multiple packages Provides the dependency?

    Daniel> package maintainers should just fix their packages...

    >> I know that would not work non-interactively, but that could be
    >> solved with maybe having some file a standard place telling
    >> apt-get/aptitude which are the official debian standard package
    >> for a Virtual package and install that?

    Daniel> ...by using 'exim4 | mail-transport-agent' instead of
    Daniel> 'mail-transport-agent'.

Ok. I understand that

    Daniel> iirc some time ago, someone wanted to add another layer
    Daniel> (default-mail-transport-agent) so that all packages would be
    Daniel> factually defaulting to install the same package to fulfil
    Daniel> the mail-transport-agent relation when being installed first
    Daniel> time, but that got somehow lost.

I think it would be better to ask which package to use for a virtual if
it is installed interactively. In my case actually didn't want exim4
neither citadel - not for a mailserver. In most cases I think ssmtp
or nullmailer is more appropiate, but that is another discussion :-)

Thanks for taking the time explaining to me how it works.

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